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Disneyland Bag Essentials!

One of the main reasons we started the Ropedrop & Parkhop podcast was to help people prepare for an amazing and magical Disneyland vacation - and a well-packed bag is a great way to have an awesome day at the parks. So, it makes perfect sense that our very first blog post would be about what to pack in your Disneyland bag!

But first, lets talk about the perfect Disneyland bag! We love and recommend the Rope Drop backpack from Designer Park Co. This bag is the perfect size to hold everything you need, plus it has some really cool added features that you won't find in another bag. We are big fans of the pin pocket, perfect for displaying all of your best Disneyland trading pins - and the bag comes with locking pin backs. We also love that this bag comes with a hydration kit that works with any standard water bottle, making it super easy to drink all the water! And, the attached storage net is a great place to pack a sweatshirt or sandals, but it tucks away neatly when not in use. Overall, we think it's a fantastic bag to take to Disneyland - and our code "ROPEDROP" will save you 10%!

Now that you have the perfect bag... let's fill 'er up! Below, we have compiled our TOP TEN LIST of THINGS TO PACK IN YOUR DISNEYLAND BAG!

1. FuelRod Phone Charger: First thing you're going to need: A portable phone charger. Your phone is an integral part of your Disneyland day - you're going to use it to access your tickets to scan into the parks, mobile order your meals, check attraction wait times, make Genie+ reservations and more! Plus, you're definitely going to want to take pictures to capture the magic throughout the day - and you definitely don't want your battery dying when you're about to snap that perfect shot with Mickey!

Our very favorite portable charger to use at the Disneyland Resort is the FuelRod. It's compact, light design doesn't take a lot of room in your bag and it comes with all the cords you could possible need. While it doesn't charge my iPhone 13 Pro all the way, here is the best part: There are kiosks throughout Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, the Downtown Disney District and the Disneyland Resort hotels where you can quickly and easily swap your used FuelRod for a fully charged replacement!

2. Anker Phone Bank: If you're looking for a portable charger with a little bit more "juice," we are big fans of Anker brand battery packs. They're little bit bigger, which means they'll take a little more space in your bag and weigh you down a little more, but you can count on these chargers to charge even the newest phone at least one full time! Anker offers several options, but this one offers great bang for your buck!

3. Reusable Straws: When presented with the choice between paper straws or riding the Pixar Pal-A-Round, Erin would choose the Wheel of Death. That speaks to how awful the paper straws are at Disneyland - they're the worst! We recommend you avoid them at all costs, which means you should probably pack a reusable straw in your bag. Some tips for finding the perfect reusable straw: Find one that is easy to clean, and one that has storage that allows the straw to easily dry completely. My favorite straws are metal with a silicon tip for comfort.

4. A Portable Fan: On super hot days at Disneyland (and that southern California sun can be pretty warm!) you'll be so glad to have a portable fan! There are a lot of options, but we definitely recommend something rechargeable. Below, we're including a compact version, a wearable version, one that attaches to a stroller and one with a built-in mister.

5. Cooling Towels: Another way to beat the Disneyland heat? Cooling towels! Disneyland has some they're happy to sell you at a premium, or you can buy them ahead of time. There are plenty of awesome multi-pack options that will give everyone in your party their own cooling towel for the same price you'd pay for one at the parks, so this is definitely something to purchase ahead of time. They're compact and all you do is get them wet, squeeze out the excess water and shake the towel a few times to activate the cooling, and and then drape it around your neck - you're sure to feel cooler in no time!

6. Insulated Water Bottle: It's so important to stay hydrated while at the parks, and you'll want an insulated water bottle that will keep your drink cold and refreshing throughout the day! This Owala bottle is awesome - it keeps your ice cold water ice cold, and comes with in a built-in straw and sip feature. Plus, it comes in super cute colors! And, pro-tip: You can refill your own water bottles with ice and tasty water at several spots throughout both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Our favorite spots? Rancho del Zocalo at Disneyland and Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta and PYM Test Kitchen at DCA.

6a. Liquid IV: I have been dehydrated at Disneyland before - and it was one of the worst days I've ever had at the parks. I ended up leaving early so I could just lie down and sleep. If only I had had Liquid IV! Throw a few packets of this hydration multiplier into your backpack so you can feel your best and make it all the way until the end of the day. I love the tangerine flavor, but I'm open to suggestions for other flavors to try, too!

7. Sanitizing Wipes: Disneyland is typically super clean, but sometimes, you want to be able to quickly clean hands before you enjoy that delicious skewer from Bengal BBQ. These are TSA approved (so you can keep them in your bag when you're traveling) and even though they aren't tested to clean surfaces, I will use them to wipe our tables (and the fold down trays on the airplane) before we sit down to enjoy a meal.

8. First Aid: Aside from a paper straw, nothing ruins a Disney day more quickly than a blister, so we always carry some first-aid supplies in our bags. A travel first-aid kit will have everything you need to continue having fun, even if someone in your group ends up with an owie. And, I love these little pill containers (there are individual compartments, so I'm able to bring ibuprofen, benadryl, Tylenol, and any other medications we may need - plus, I always fill one little compartment with hair elastics so we have them if we need them!)

9. Ponchos: Listen. Let's have some real talk. The older we get, the less we like the rides that soak us. Our kids? They'd ride Grizzly River all day long... but I hate being wet for hours afterwards. So... if I want to join the kids, then I guess I need a poncho! Ponchos are great for staying dry on Splash Mountain and Grizzly River, but there are occasional rainy days in California too, and these come in clutch for those days too!

10. UV Blocking Umbrella: When it isn't raining, the other 350 days in southern California are nice and sunny. Obviously, you'll want to use sunblock, but this UV blocking umbrella is a great way to travel with portable shade. Keep cool while you're waiting in some of the lines that lack shady areas (WEBSlingers, I'm looking at you....) and protect yourself from the harmful rays during the hottest part of the day!

Hopefully we covered all the important stuff! What are your Disneyland bag must-haves? Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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Aug 06, 2022

Just bought reusable straws for our trip because of you lol

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